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Essay in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review

My essay, Here’s the Thing, appeared in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review  on Feb 6, 2014. Photos by Rashed Haq. What is it?, you might ask. Probably a simultaneous breakdown of cultural and language cliches, and involved a good amount of mistyping, deleting and retyping as I cracked myself up with each new diversion.  By the end of it, I was quite fond of the Thing, though I still won’t hug it. A shout out here  [ Read More ]

Frozen – deeply!

This week, I must share this fantastic discussion of Frozen, the Pixar/Disney movie, by Elizabeth Cummins Munoz. Quoting “Frozen’s version of the psyche’s quest to harness its own feminine power is tailored perfectly to suit my contemporary world, then I should be cautioned, as should my daughters who file out before me tripping over popcorn buckets and candy wrappers. Because, though we may be inching closer to celebrating the healthy  [ Read More ]

Why Bronie conventions are worth it

He has wings. His name is Snowflake. I’m happy.

Are we ready for a super hero from New Jersey?

I’m rooting for the new Ms. Marvel crashing in on us in January 2014. She’s 16, she’s muslim, she’s Pakistani, and she’s from Jersey City. I haven’t bought a Marvel comic, in about a… wait… never. But in Jan, I sure will. Need to find me a favorite comics store in Houston.

Hello, sweetheart

  I took our bassoon into Karl Fulbright’s  most charming little woodwinds hospital/workshop in The Heights last week, and look who he keeps in there. These two scooters looked like they were in love.